Though Babaji lived in a Hindu-culture and usually was worshipped by Hindu rituals, He was not connected to any religion at all. It was His conception that all religions will really bring the true devotee to God.

In Haidakhan Babaji was worshipped by hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews and Sikhs. Therefore Babaji always said : "Follow the religion of your heart" .

As Jesus came on earth to redeem mankind from evil by His personal suffering, Babaji also took a human Form.

Babaji's approach however was different. With wars only the tops of the iceberg of evil can be fought. But the basis of evil or illness within mankind itself will hardly be disturbed.

Therefore Babaji's mission sometimes has been summarized as follows: "The most important work that has to be done is to change the hearts and thoughts of mankind; only in that way the living beings can become happy".

Summarized in three words: "Truth, Simplicity and Love".

This is exactly Babaji has done during His stay on this world from 1970 up till 1984. He selected a few people from different countries, different occupational groups, levels in the population, and gave them different kinds of education. Thereby great confusion was sometimes the result, or great fear. Babaji again and again told them: "Have faith".

By he own behavior He actually showed what that exactly meant, and gave the example. Babaji has showed how man has to deal with crisis, namely to trust on God. This divine power really is within us and cares for everything, if we can go beyond our ego and surrender ourselves completely to God.

Babaji taught us His message in a gentle way with few words, but in a very effective way.

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